Tips to Avoid Risks on the Farm

Avoid Risks on the Farm

As a farmer, you know your farm like the back of your hand. And, when it comes to protecting your livelihood, you know that safety is important.

Being aware of all the risks on your farm is crucial in order to promote and practice the best safety measures to keep you, your workers and your family safe. Keep safety a priority on your farm with these 10 tips.

  • Wear appropriate clothing and safety gear.
  • Know your chemicals.
  • Make sure all lights are working and that reflective tape is in-tact on your equipment.
  • Avoid low hanging electrical lines when using tall equipment.
  • Always disengage the PTO before getting off the tractor.
  • Remind employees of risks.
  • Take care of yourself.

Maybe some of these tips were a refresher for practices you already put in place on your farm – or maybe you learned a thing or two that will help you prevent serious injuries. One of the most proactive ways to keep your farm safe is to have adequate farm insurance. Atwater Insurance Agency is located in Tifton, Georgia and now in Ashburn, Georgia, too! We offer coverage for your home, automobile, business, farm or crop. Let us find the right protection for you.

All policies are subject to different forms, exclusions and endorsements. Be sure to contact your agent for final confirmation of coverage and underwriting policies.

Source: National Institute of Food and Agriculture