Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday travel tips from Atwater Insurance

As the busy holiday travel weekends soon approach, the stress of wrangling kids, packing the car, making last-minute stops along the way – all while trying to arrive on time can put strain on the holiday cheer!

Check out these preparation tips to make the most of your road trip:
  • Before hitting the road, perform a car maintenance check. Check the tires and tire pressure; and,  make sure the replacement tire is good to go (just in case!). Although snow in south Georgia isn’t all that common, icy windshields are. Make sure your wiper blades and windshield washer fluid are good for the trip. Don’t forget to test your car battery.
  • Prepare a DIY road trip kit. Include toys for the kiddos, chargers for phones or tablets, headphones, blankets, tissue or towels, and a basic first aid kit. To limit stops, pack some snacks! 😉
  • Avoid traveling during the holiday rush hour. I Drive Safely® says the Wednesday before and Sunday after Thanksgiving are the busiest travel days of the season. If you are trip planning around any holiday, check reliable sources and rearrange plans for off-peak times.
  • Practice safe driving! Some top tips are to keep your turn signal on longer than usual, do not cut off other drivers, and be sure your vehicle is clear of others before changing lanes.
  • Check your auto insurance policy. Atwater Insurance Agency can help by ensuring you have a well-rounded auto insurance policy. Roadside Assistance and Comprehensive Coverage are two important considerations for traveling!

With these extra steps, we can’t promise your road trip will be completely stress-free, but maybe you’ll have peace of mind before hitting the road. If you are unsure whether your auto insurance policy contains coverage for a safe and successful road trip, call Atwater today with any questions – 229.382.900.

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Source: I Drive Safely®