In Case of a Farm Emergency

farm emergency

Severe weather brings potential challenges for farmers and ranchers. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and high volumes of chemicals on hand are just a few hazards that they face. We see firsthand the effects these incidents have on farmers, farming families, employees, and the future of these farmers.

There is much to consider when it comes to protecting your farm. Here are a few tips from Atwater Insurance to help minimize the impact and speed up the recovery process for you and your farm, in the event of an emergency.

  • Know the warning systems for your community and stay alert for emergency broadcasts
  • Keep records online and offline, stored in a safe place so you have easy access to information regarding farm inventory:
    • Livestock
    • Machinery and equipment (make, model number)
    • Hazardous substances (pesticides, fertilizers, fuels, medicines, and other chemicals)
  • While you probably have these numbers in your phone, keep a separate list of emergency contact information
    • Your veterinarian
    • County extension service
    • Local emergency management
    • Your insurance agent
  • Stockpile a few supplies – sandbags, wire, lumber, extra fuel, gas-powered generators, etc.
  • Prepare employees by informing them of the plan in case of an emergency

Lastly, contact your insurance agent! If you aren’t insured for emergency situations, Atwater Insurance Agency has a policy for you. Contact us today to see how we can find the right protection for the risks you face. Atwater Insurance Agency is located in Tifton, Georgia and now in Ashburn, Georgia. We offer coverage for your home, automobile, business, farm and crop.

All policies are subject to different forms, exclusions and endorsements. Be sure to contact your agent for final confirmation of coverage and underwriting policies.

Source: All Hazards – Farm Emergency Preparedness Planning