Ask Your Agent: Auto Insurance Premium

Brian Atwater answers a common insurance-related question.

“Why did my auto insurance premium go up?”

Sound familiar? It is a question insurance agents receive all the time. If your car insurance premium recently went up, there could be several reasons as to why this happened. Some reasons are in your control and unfortunately, others are not. Here is the scoop!

Factors on your end:

Your driving record changed. If you get into an accident or collect speeding tickets or other traffic violations, your rates will increase.

You moved. Where you live affects your policy because certain areas present more risk than other areas. If you move to a place where few people get into accidents and not many cars are stolen, there’s a good chance your car insurance rate will go down. However, if this is not the case of the area in which you moved to, the opposite will most likely happen.

You changed the drivers on your policy. So, your oldest child is now old enough to drive. You may benefit from avoiding the school pick-up and drop-off lines – but adding more people to your policy means the rates will rise to cover everyone.

Factors outside of your control:

Newer vehicles usually cost more to repair. These days, we pay more for just about everything. The cost of repairing vehicles is no exception.

Distracted driving: More times than not, you can pull up to a stoplight and see the person in the car next to you on their cell phone. It is no secret that distracting driving is increasing despite the efforts made to reduce the issue. Because of this people are killed and injured daily, which causes premiums to increase across the nation.

Worsening traffic and more claims: When more cars are on the road, the frequency of accidents inevitably increases.

That is insurance – your auto insurance premiums will increase and decrease but will do so with reason. Have questions about your policy? Call on our team at Atwater. We represent multiple insurance companies and will do the calculations to find you the best price we can offer. Atwater Insurance Agency is located in both Tifton, Georgia and Fitzgerald, Georgia. We offer coverage for your home, automobile, business, or farm. Call our office with questions or to get a quote today. Our number is (229) 382-9000.

All policies are subject to different forms, exclusions and endorsements. Be sure to contact your agent for final confirmation of coverage and underwriting policies.