Ask Your Agent: Auto Insurance Coverage

Brian Atwater answers a common insurance-related question.

“Let’s say that my adult child, a friend, or anyone else is driving my car. If anything were to go wrong, are they covered by my auto insurance policy?” 

In this case, the answer is yes – and no. Auto insurance coverage can be tricky, so here’s the deal: if a family member who lives in your home is 16 or over, he or she needs to be listed on your policy to be covered.  On other hand, if your neighbor, friend or anyone who doesn’t live in your home drives your car with permission, they are covered under “permissive use” on your policy.

Permissive use in an auto insurance policy means that you with or without spoken words allow another person, who is not specifically covered by name or as a household member, to operate your car.

More information on Permissive Use: Two Important Exceptions
  • Business Use: While your insurance policy covers permissive users, it may not cover business uses of your car unless you have a specific endorsement for business use on your policy.
  • Unlicensed or Inexperienced Drivers: The second exception of this policy applied to unlicensed or inexperienced drivers. If said person were to get into an accident, you should expect that your insurance company will try to disclaim coverage.

If you have questions or cannot understand the fine print of your auto insurance policy, feel free to ask us for clarification before an event occurs! Translating the fine print into plain English is part of our job as an insurance agent! Ready for an auto insurance with an independent agent who can price coverage options with multiple carriers? Call Atwater Insurance today at (229)-382-9000!

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All policies are subject to different forms, exclusions and endorsements. Be sure to contact your agent for final confirmation of coverage and underwriting policies.